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Newsletter 19 June 20




19TH June 20




1. आपलं महानगर



अवघ्या २४ दिवसांत कोविड रूग्णालय ठाणेकरांच्या सेवेत



कोरोना साथीच्या संक्रमणाचा वाढता प्रादुर्भाव लक्षात घेऊन ठाण्यात बाळकूम येथे ग्लोबल इम्पॅक्ट हब येथे १०२४ बेडसचे कोविड रूग्णालयाचा ई लोकार्पण बधुवारी राज्याचे मुख्यमंत्री उध्दव ठाकरे यांच्या हस्ते पार पडले. यावेळी राज्याचे नगरविकास मंत्री तथा ठाणे जिल्हयाचे पालकमंत्री एकनाथ शिंदे, गृहनिर्माण मंत्री डॉ.जितेंद्र आव्हाड, महापौर नरेश गणपत म्हस्के उपस्थित होते. त्यामुळे कोविड रूग्णालय ठाणेकरांच्या सेवेत दाखल झालं आहे. अवघ्या २४ दिवसात हे रूग्णालय उभारण्यात आले असून, विशेष म्हणजे या रूग्णालयात कोव्हीड रूग्णांवर मोफत उपचार करण्यात येणार आहे.

ठाण्यातील कोरोना रुग्णांची वाढती संख्या लक्षात घेऊन आरोग्यसेवेच्या बळकटीकरणासाठी ठाणे महानगरपालिका, मुंबई महानगर प्रदेश प्राधिकरण व क्रेडाई ( एमसीएचआय ) ठाणे युनिट यांच्या संयुक्त विद्यमाने बाळकुम येथील ग्लोबल इम्पॅक्ट हब येथे १०२४ बेड्सचे कोविड रूग्णालय उभारण्यात आले आहे. या रूग्णालयामध्ये एकूण १०२४ बेडस असून ५०० बेडस हे सेंट्रल ऑक्सीजनची सुविधा असलेले आहेत. यातील ७६ बेडस हे आयसीयूचे असून १० बेडस डायलेसीस रूग्णांसाठी तर १० बेडस ट्राएजसाठी ठेवण्यात आलेले आहेत. या इमारतीच्या तळ मजल्यावर २४ आयसीयू बेडस्, १० बेडस् डायलेसिस कोव्हीड रुग्णांसाठी, १० बेडस् ट्राएजसाठी आरक्षित ठेवण्यात आले आहेत. दुस-या आणि तिस-या मजल्यावर प्रत्येक २६ आयसीयू बेडस् आणि ११९ ऑक्सीजनचे बेडस् आहेत. तर चौथ्या मजल्यावर १५५ ऑक्सीजनचे बेडस् आहेत.




1. Business Line  



Housing finance players say RBI draft regulations provide clarity



Housing finance players have said the draft guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India for regulating the sector is in line with expectations and unlikely to cause too many disruptions.

VS Rangan, ED, mortgage lender HDFC, said: “I don’t think there is a major shift in the proposed guidelines. Most of these provisions have been in there in the NHB statutes in some form or other. For example, the provision on not less than 50 per cent qualifying assets -this was one of the covenants already prescribed by the NHB for HFCs that were taking refinancing from it.”


2. Financial Express



PNB Housing Finance witnesses sharp fall in customers opting for moratorium


PNB Housing Finance on Thursday said it has seen a sharp decline in requests for moratorium from its customers, with its asset under management (AUM) under the scheme falling from 56 per cent in the March-May period to 31 per cent as of June 5.

“As on June 5, 2020, under phase-1 (March-May), approximately 56 per cent of the company’s AUM have opted for moratorium, whereas under phase-2, approximately 31 per cent of the AUM have opted for moratorium indicating a sharp drop in customers requesting the moratorium,” the company’s Managing Director and CEO Neeraj Vyas said in a call with analysts post the fourth-quarter results.


3. Financial Express 



ICICI Home Finance launches affordable housing loan – Check Eligibility



ICICI Home Finance (ICICI HFC) has launched SARAL – an Affordable Housing Loan. This housing loan will be aimed to fund homes in urban and rural areas. It has been developed for women, lower-middle-income customers, and economically weaker sections who have a maximum household income up to Rs 6 lakhs annually.

This housing loan is offered at an interest rate starting from 7.98 per cent onwards. Under the SARAL affordable housing loan, one can opt for a loan up to Rs 35 lakhs, and for a maximum tenure of 20 years. Additionally, people with pre-existing loans can also transfer their loans to ICICI Home Finance’s SARAL affordable housing loan.




1.  The Hindu


Goods purchased, sold overseas liable to GST in India: AAR



 A domestic company buying goods from abroad and selling to another country will have to pay GST on such transactions even if the said products are not entering the Indian territory, the Authority for advance ruling (AAR) has said.


On an application filed by Sterlite Technologies, the Gujarat-Bench of AAR has ruled that GST is payable on goods sold to customer located outside India, where goods are shipped directly from the vendor’s premises (located outside India) to the customer’s premises.


2. Live Mint



Over 50 builders face probe for profiteering under GST



NEW DELHI : More than 50 property developers, including some of India’s top builders, are being investigated for profiteering under the goods and services tax (GST) regime, said a person aware of the development.

The investigation by the Directorate General of Anti-Profiteering (DGAP) is trying to find out if the builders made undue profits by failing to pass on to buyers the benefit of input tax credit that was available to them.







Real Estate Remains Preferred Asset Class For Investors: Housing.Com & NAREDCO Survey


The real estate consumer remains positive with regard the economic scenario and income stability for the coming six months; according to ‘Concerned yet positive – The Indian Real Estate Consumer (April – May 2020)’ a report jointly released by and National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO).  Real estate (35%) is still perceived as the preferred mode of investment, followed by gold (28%); Fixed Deposits (22%), Stocks (16%); and home-buyers are likely to slowly return to the market in the coming six months.


2. CNBC TV 18



Seven of these eight cities will continue to see big real estate investments



More than 80 percent of India’s real estate resides in the top 8 cities of India: Mumbai MMR, Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata and Ahmedabad.

Historically, these cities have driven commerce and growth in India through burgeoning sectors like IT/ITES, financial services and age-old presence of manufacturing, and other services. Ecosystems have been created in each of these cities due to which they have been favoured over other cities for specific industries.


3. Financial Express



Real Estate Project Deadline Extension: Latest addition to consumer woes?



The apprehensions caused by Covid-19 are multiplying by the day and are keeping the government, stakeholders and consumers across industries on their toes. The latest advisory about project completion deadlines being extended by six to nine months brings another debatable solution to the fore.

Here’s a quick background. The Forum for People’s Collective Efforts (FPCE), a forum of homebuyers, is pursuing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intervention in the extension of project completion by builders. The FPCE urges the extension to be restricted to only the actual lockdown period. Along with that it is also seeking an interest waiver on home loans. In a letter to the Prime Minister, the association has advocated that the government’s policy should focus on homebuyers for revival of this sector.






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